Saturday, December 11, 2010

manila day 1: tagaytay on wedges

i know. the title is just a bit confusing. tagaytay is not in manila but in cavite. but i just leave it as is since i consider this entire get-away as generally going to manila. ^^

manila had come about while i was still with my previous company and during the seat sale promos of cebu pacific and air philippines. so, the outsider me got tagged along with my ex-officemates.

after playing hide and seek with the driver of our hired van in the huge naia terminal 3, we headed straight to tagaytay. luckily, we were able to avoid the infamous traffic and reached tagaytay around 10am. we had just the most incredible driver! the driver was half asleep while we were going up! he even intermittently drove in the wrong lane. gosh! o_o

People's Park, Tagaytay

People's Park

this park is a bit old. or shall i say, it lacks maintenance? it's even missing an E! a lot of people still go there, though.

People's Park Entrance Fee

i wonder what this entrance fee is for. the park can do a lot better. if you don't like the climb, you can choose to take these jeepneys. i don't know how much it will cost and i doubt that it's for free.

the entrance fee is on honesty basis. the one collecting does not really verify the number of people going in, especially when you are in groups. we even missed on one person but since we are just too good and honest, we paid 15php when we got back.

The Old People's Park

People's Park Souvenir Shops

My Wedges

i made my wedges as hiking shoes! good thing, i didn't get blisters.


even the scare we experienced while going up, my dependable wedges, and the incessant peddlers of "espasol", being on top and overlooking the taal lake was just so breath-taking. not to mention the hundred times we fed on our narcissism. :D

it was really good to reconnect with old friends and colleagues while going on a bit of bittersweet retrospects. the common lingo, the usual punch lines, the old jokes and i soon realized that i was no longer a part of that. 

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