Saturday, December 11, 2010

manila day 1: hot bulalo in cold tagaytay

after the forever camwhoring of everyone and experiencing the chill in tagaytay, we went on search for our lunch. though, we might not have the perfect driver, at least he knows the way around.

we opted not to go to expensive and overrated? restaurants in tagaytay and told the driver that we want an affordable place to eat. he then brought us to these carinderias lined up in tagaytay's market.

these food stalls seemed to be famous to locals and tourists alike. you can choose from a hefty number of stalls (i don't know which one is the best.) and better ask for some discounts. the staff in each of the food stall are too eager to welcome you. they holler you to each of their designated parking spot and greet you as their prospective customer. more of like larsian in cebu.

Bulalo in Tagaytay

The Famous Bulalo

bulalo is a beef soup with cabbages and other veggies. it's a bit expensive. this serving costs 300php and i guess it's the same with the rest of the food stalls. i was hoping for a big corn somewhere, like the bulalo on tv but i only found bits of corn at the bottom. oh well, still one delectable hot bulalo for me! ^^

The Rest of Our Lunch

they enticed us with that free pink gulaman (gelatin?). it was even served first. the fish wrapped in banana leaf tasted like it was in spanish sardines sauce. the "tilapya" (a freshwater fish) tasted just like any other fried fish. the "sisig" got a lot of fat pork that was more than i can handle.

The Scene

oh yes! we did get our discount. a whopping 30php! lol


indeed, the bulalo is a must try in tagaytay. better if it's shared because it's really a big serving. but one can ask for a free bulalo soup which is without meat and the bone. the bone is what bulalo is famous for. i heard everyone delights on the bone marrow.

The Famous Bone

just exactly how do you get the bone marrow? with a stick perhaps?


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