Saturday, December 11, 2010

manila day 1: going back to manila

it was already past 4 in the afternoon when we headed back to manila. i just had no idea how far we were when i told my friend over the phone that i would be in manila around 6. she just laughed at me, knowing that it was just so impossible. haha!


The Setting Sun

it was a forever ride going back. the setting sun could have been better if we were already in manila bay at that time.

the driver even told us that he was avoiding the heavy traffic and passed through a different route. anyway, the sun had long been gone when we finally arrived.

Manila Bay Hostel

it took us a while to locate Manila Bay Hostel where my former officemates would be staying. as for me, i would be staying at my friend's apartment.

Manilay Bay Hostel is for those backpackers who would like to avail cheap accomodations. it is only an apartment divided into a number of rooms. so, it's pretty cramped up. good thing, my former officemates did not have to share the room with other people since they were a lot already. the room got already a bathroom, and an aircon which i doubt if it could handle the room. the room is packed with a lot of double and triple decks, which reminded me of the economy decks in boats.

if you're not claustrophobic or whatever, this hostel is one good option. it's really cheap considering each of my former officemate would only have to pay 700 for 2 nights stay. ;)


Manila Bay Hostel
Unit 402, Bel-Air Apartment  (Near Chowking and Yellow Cab)
Along Roxas Boulevard, Past US Embassy


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