Monday, December 27, 2010

made december a summer holiday

what's so good living in a tropical country, where seas are abound is that, one can always turn any day into a summer day. any occasion we have, from birthdays to family reunions, we go to the beach! we fortunately have a lot of sunshine all year round. well, except those rainy and typhoon days, which we also get quite a lot since we bravely face the pacific ocean.

just yesterday, we went to a beach resort to celebrate christmas. yet again today, we headed to the beach! this time, it's durhan's beach resort in tabuelan.

Durhan's Beach Resort, Tabuelan

Durhan's Beach

oops, one of those days. a cloudy day with intermittent rain showers. tsk tsk... but a lot of people still had fun swimming while the rain was pouring.

Things I did in Durhan's

because durhan's is everything provincial, you can't expect a buzzing night life around here. it's good for those moments of peace minus the videoke machine. 

here are the things i enjoyed in durhan's. i hope these can be helpful to anyone.

(1) Read a book.

yey! i'm back on reading. i'm just taking it slow. chapter by chapter. this is not the book i'm reading though. durhan's shoreline gave me an ample space for me to spread my "sarong", and just sat there, read a book.

(2) Took photos!

oh the rain! i had to fold and unfold my sarong as the rain played on us. i have to buy that waterproof lumix i've been dreaming of.

(3) Gorged.
their restaurant doesn't have much choices, though. it doesn't have menus. you just order based on what they have but i have to make a plus on how good they cooked our food!

(4) Night-Swimming.
i really can't swim. boo for me! been to the beach a thousand times since i was a child, but still i can't swim! :( as an assurance for those who can't swim like me, the beach is well-lighted at night. although, the light could only reach a few meters past the shoreline. there are no surprise trenches, unlike in moalboal. well, i can't be sure past 200 meters.

(5) Relaxed with music and booze in the beach at night.

and i called tanduay ice as booze. haha! i don't know why i don't crave for alcohol anymore. everything in their restaurant can be too pricey. tanduay ice is 60php per bottle. way much cheaper if you bring your own booze and a cooler. i think they don't charge you with corkage fees if you stay for the night.

(6) Jumped in their sandbar.

it's a sand strip right there. this was prior to the ever lowest tide in durhan's.

there's nothing to do when it's low tide, except delighting on the seashells, fish, really small starfish, a few sea urchins, and of course, doing jump shots in their sandbar!


Sadly, these are our not-so-good experiences.

(1) we arrived way past noon but we still had to wait for our room to be prepared. their check-in time is at 12 noon. i don't know if it was my fault, not calling them after i paid in advance. i think they weren't sure if we were really coming on that day. oh well...

(2) we paid an extra person at 220php since the room is only good for 4 and we were 5. when we went to the reception to ask for our extra mattress and pillow, they told us that we need to pay 100php! what i don't understand is that, they could have added the 100 to the extra person charge. well i don't know if asking for extra mattress and pillow does not come very often there.

(3) my brother lost his raincoat. it's a raincoat provided by his company, so it had his company's name. it was then easier describing it to one of durhans' employees. good thing though, my brother's raincoat was found. someone must have picked the raincoat during the night when it was raining.

(4) when i was still half asleep, i could hear men shouting on top of their lungs near our room. i think they had the room's roof as a temporary shelter since it was raining hard at that time.  peace please everyone.

even then, i still recommend durhan's. maybe, we were just unlucky at that time. i need also to mention that their employees are accommodating and helpful.

Durhan's Beach Resort
Tabunok, Tabuelan, Cebu
Past the Town Proper, going to San Remegio
Contact Numbers:  +6332 - 4619318 / 4619073 , +63921-5369291 (Mobile)


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