Friday, December 17, 2010

incidentally in red kimono

while the rest of the world had their christmas parties, breinn and i just went on search for good food to satisfy our insatiable appetites. he suggested mooon in it park but i insisted in ayala instead. i just hate/don't like it park on fridays. whichever is less harsh. everybody seems to converge here!

due to the highly festive season, mooon in ayala was in full house. we then retraced our steps and finally heeded the waiter's invite for red kimono.

Red Kimono

Red Kimono Chopsticks

i don't have some fetish on chopsticks but it's a nice diversion while my growling tummy waits for food. breinn and i can still read those equivalent japanese characters for "red kimono". yey! it's "akai kimono" which akai obviously means red. and there's that snob ninja from japan.

Chicken Sesame Salad

this salad is only good for 2 persons, barely 1 person if one's appetite is that of an elephant. i exactly don't know why compare it to an elephant! haha

i love that it's a totally different salad from the rest of the usual salad.  maybe the grilled chicken strips and the black sesame did the trick.


we never fail in ordering gyoza. first time for me to have a grilled one. though, i've had better gyoza before. :(

The Japanese Food Addicts

breinn is not a full-blown japanese food-eating human being. he despises raw food but japan is so into raw, from horse meat to octopus!

as for me, i can basically eat anything! haha i want my kani (crab) salad! my sashimi! my sushi! =))


red kimono offers a various selection of everything japanese. they got plenty of sushi, maki, and sashimi. i just hope they don't disappoint.

their food can be too pricey, considering the serving sizes they have. in terms of price, it does not rank the same with rai rai ken. i can't compare their food though, since it's a modern japanese cuisine. much like japanese food with a twist of western style.

Red Kimono
2nd Level, Ayala Terraces
Alongside Mooon and Hukad

***side notes***: 
tables for 2 in red kimono are placed a bit too close. too close that it's never a good idea for those hushed dates! breinn and i couldn't help hearing these 2 filipino guys hitting on 2 fabulous korean women. yeah, two of those skimpy-clad ladies around cebu!

filipino-chinese guy: why cebu?
korean who speaks decent english: the beach.

just as i thought! ;)
3 months more and it's summer!!


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