Friday, December 17, 2010

hello again moroccan!

i did not want to go home right after red kimono. everyone was out back home. my sister went out with her friends for their christmas get-together and partied the night away. while me, trying to create a fun life of my own. darn it. it's a friday!

while my sister was having the time of her life, i ogled breinn to tea. isn't that amazing? tea over a night life? =))

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My Chai Latte

Breinn's Moroccan Mint

the two pics don't have that much difference. well, the chai is more of whitish in color while the moroccan mint is brownish. too much of ~ish colors. ;))

i influenced breinn with moroccan mint long before. it's my reliable comfort drink during those times when i'm lost, stressed, and feeling a bit lonely. haha! i could come up with hundreds of reasons for that minty tea latte.

i found the chai too sweet. i still have to find  that other latte that will match or surpass my moroccan mint.


1st Level, Ayala Terraces
Below Red Kimono

***side notes***
the coffee bean & tea leaf has also their 2011 planner up for grabs if you complete the 24 stickers. well, i'm down with 2. i even had to upgrade the size of my drink in order to get that sticker.

the promo runs until jan 31, 2011. but i doubt if i can reach the 24th mark. i would just buy that cutesy planner in fully booked.

anyway, thanks to coffee bean's free wifi!

And I was so left out! huhu


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