Monday, December 6, 2010

DESSERTS!! in bigby's

one working day, breinn and i went to sm in search for his superhero costume for his company christmas party. we first tried in toy kingdom but sadly, they don't sell such costumes. i was not really sure though if they really don't or breinn just told me that they don't because i think he's not really up to the superhero idea. guys just lack effort in dressing up. tsk tsk...

actually, i left him in toy kingdom for a while to go somewhere since i'm currently cooking on his christmas present. when i got back, he then told me that toy kingdom does not have superhero costumes. so, we left toy kingdom and never again tried any other store for his costume. it was an epic fail.

after he eagerly bought his keyboard protector in cdr king, we decided to go for desserts since we were not really hungry at that time. we could still last till tomorrow without rice.


fudgy sensation

this is a warm brownie cup, bigby's version. a warm brownie with a vanilla ice cream on top. the size is just right since it could be a very sweet overload if it would be served in a bigger size.

sweet onion loops

this was such a real treat! ;) but we weren't able to finish this one since we ordered another food. our main goal which was only desserts had been added with a "go-easy" chicken in a basket. "go easy" is their term for small orders. but this didn't really win our appetites. at 125php, the food was not so worth the price! i even forgot to take a picture. it was just a 2-piece fried chicken and a cup of rice garnished with a little bit of herbs. it must be the oil used. well, one can already get a decent chicken meal in kfc with that price. tsk

Side Trip: Christmas Trees in SM City Cebu North Wing

it's almost christmas already!

2nd Level
SM City Cebu - North wing

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