Saturday, November 6, 2010

yogo freebie by crocs

after having lunch in tandoori, we went on search for our father's birthday present in parkmall, but we just couldn't find anything appropriate. so, my brother suggested sm.

in sm, after getting confused and a few arguments on what to buy, we then went to crocs. without knowing, crocs by that time was giving away free yogurt by yo-go. we only had to present our receipt worth at least 2500php to yo-go, and voila! a free yogurt! :D


my yo-go

we only had one freebie and my brother just bought one for himself. haha! this was my yogurt, with choco dots (kinda like nips) and hershey's choco syrup. lOve it! 
i didn't get to take a shot on my brother's yogurt since he was enjoying his yogurt while we were going to sm foodcourt for a table and seats. :-/

SM Lower Ground
Near SM Supermarket

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