Saturday, November 6, 2010

persian kebab tandoori

as what i had been writing in my previous posts, i'm having a series of treats for everyone dear to me. this was for my brother this time. and am i really that generous? oh well, just one of those times. ;)

this happened on a saturday, his day off from work. i asked him to go to lapu-lapu with me for some tasks i needed to do. and from there, parkmall just seemed convenient. just one taxi ride! :D

when we got to parkmall, we actually spent a few minutes deciding on where to eat. japanese? filipino? fastfood? for a moment there, my brother suggested shabu way. oh no! i was thinking i had been eating japanese food a lot lately. so, i quickly persuaded him that we ate in tandoori for he hasn't tried persian food yet. yipee!

Persian Kebab Tandoori

Tandoori's Kebab

honestly, i had tasted better kebab in persian palate. i don't know if persian kebab tandoori is by some chance related to persian palate. someone, enlighten me! :D anyway, i was so excited for my tomato rice and i even had my plain rice replaced with tomato rice.

but to my disappointment, the tomato rice i had was a bit dry. it had me thinking if it was newly cooked or not. it wasn't that hot when it was served, by the way. and the tomato bbq, i tasted smoke more than the tomato. T_T

Lamb Curry

however, this one was not a disappointment. one real curry for me! ;) lamb was perfectly done right.

Calamansi Juice and Lemonade

i had my usual calamansi drink. i loved the taste of the real calamansi though it wasn't mixed well because there was still sugar at the bottom of the glass. T_T i think the lemonade was just fine since my brother didn't comment about it, except for his remark: "do i have to finish everything in this?" everything meant cucumber, the lemon, etc. haha!

Persian Kebab Tandoori

we took pictures while we waited for our food. good thing, it wasn't a long wait. i had fun with their curtain! :D we were there lunchtime. it probably had just opened for the day since we were their first customers. so, we eagerly chose the veranda! overlooking parkmall and the college girls (to the delight of my brother!).

i don't know if i'll be back here. it was kinda worth the try though.

Persian Kebab Tandoori
North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City

Any comment I have towards Tandoori is purely based on my opinion, ALONE.  It is not my intention to demean Tandoori and I don't have any relation whatsoever to their competitors. It just so happened that my comments just got published in this blog and was not put in their suggestion box. ;)


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