Saturday, November 27, 2010

yogo in coffee cat

it's not that i'm a fan of yogurt. yogurt is just like my (healthy?) alternative to ice cream. ;)

Coffee Cat

my original yogurt with blueberries!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

going home for tatay's birthday

i have been here in the city for more than half of my life now. the chances of me going home were only during vacations and long weekends. unlike those school days when i still had the luxury of 2-month long vacations and semestral breaks, i don't have that much free time now to allow me to go back home that often. it's been almost 5 years since i voluntarily joined the influx of people who contribute super taxes to our government. oh well...

but this day, i just had to go home for one of my father's special days. officially starting this day, he can now enjoy the 20% discounts from medicines to food and everything else. as much as he tries to deny it, he is now a senior citizen in our country. ^-^

Loong, Tabogon, Cebu

the food

Saturday, November 6, 2010

yogo freebie by crocs

after having lunch in tandoori, we went on search for our father's birthday present in parkmall, but we just couldn't find anything appropriate. so, my brother suggested sm.

in sm, after getting confused and a few arguments on what to buy, we then went to crocs. without knowing, crocs by that time was giving away free yogurt by yo-go. we only had to present our receipt worth at least 2500php to yo-go, and voila! a free yogurt! :D


my yo-go

persian kebab tandoori

as what i had been writing in my previous posts, i'm having a series of treats for everyone dear to me. this was for my brother this time. and am i really that generous? oh well, just one of those times. ;)

this happened on a saturday, his day off from work. i asked him to go to lapu-lapu with me for some tasks i needed to do. and from there, parkmall just seemed convenient. just one taxi ride! :D

when we got to parkmall, we actually spent a few minutes deciding on where to eat. japanese? filipino? fastfood? for a moment there, my brother suggested shabu way. oh no! i was thinking i had been eating japanese food a lot lately. so, i quickly persuaded him that we ate in tandoori for he hasn't tried persian food yet. yipee!

Persian Kebab Tandoori

Tandoori's Kebab