Friday, October 22, 2010

ramen overload in kagura

just got back from a very very long hiatus. a lot of things had happened in between. i had been to a lot of places. vigan! camotes! and anywhere else here in cebu. :D got real busy at work and i couldn't even find a bit of time to write about these places. -_- maybe someday, i'll be in the mood to recall everything and write something. hehe

and oh! did i say a "lot"? well, for one, i quit my very first job and moved to another company just a block away. :D for now, i'm not really busy with work and i just hope it wouldn't be as busy as before. ^^

well, fridays! most people just love fridays. i really can't decide if i'm into it or i just hover in between. it was running a little late and breinn and i were up for a real dinner treat. or was it just me? haha anyway, ayala is an epic fail because i found it a bore. sorry breinn. :P

just before i shut down my thinkpad, i came across kagura. weee! so kagura it was. ;) these are very crappy pics taken by my 2-megapixel camera phone with a battery that would die any minute. haha!

Kagura Chopsticks

Tonkatsu Ramen

this is a must try ramen here in cebu. though, i found the fatty pork a bit disappointing. tsk

Miso Ramen

breinn's default ramen. oh well, based on my quick try, it was good! ^^

Karage and Red Pickled Ginger

i love their karage in karuga! and that's some tongue twister right there. :D

My Chu-hi

it's a shochu variety with a flavored carbonated water. it was more of water actually. if you want to get drunk, maybe you need a ton of this! hehe

Kagura's Parasols at the Back

and we'll definitely be back here. :D not to mention we got freebies (china-made bags)! hehe but we just got so thrilled, nonetheless! ^^


AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City
Beside AA's Grill


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