Friday, October 29, 2010

la marea's trifles and tea

this was an all girls night out while the boys were free to do whatever they like to do on a friday. just plain sweet. i bet all boys lOve this. anyway, this was freedom's idea for the 4 of us to go out. by the way, these are my college friends i'm talking about. dinner, chit chats, funny stories, lOve stories, confessions, heartaches, and anything that we had failed to talk about when we bumped into each other every now and then. yes, we all have busy lives. so, this was a catching up night!

we stayed away from i.t. park because "it's a place to be... !" on a friday. and for us who spend most of our lives here, we eagerly welcomed a change of place. we had dinner in handuraw in lahug. and oh! i forgot to take pictures there. T_T

so where did la marea come in? well, i suggested it. :D for i was planning to buy desserts for the girls. this was like a series of treating everyone with my very first salary. as if i'm really receiving huge payouts! argh! this only happens just once anyway. haha

La Marea

Fame, Kate, and Freedom

as much as i would like to stay away from i.t. park, i could not think of anywhere i could buy desserts. and la marea came to mind. it's the only less crowded place in i.t. park on a friday. though, there were a considerable number of people at that time. and we even saw chester!! after not seeing him for almost 5 years. we almost did not recognize him for it's now an all new chester. he lost all those excess pounds back in college. we all now have an inspiration! haha weeeee!

And There's Me!

i wish i could write the mushy stuff that we talked about. it was about someone we least expected to do as such. and that's it! not elaborating anymore... hayz. XD

Our Oreo Trifle

Our Strawberry Trifle

fame and i loved the strawberry trifle more than the oreo. the oreo was just so so. if only we had known it beforehand, we could have given the oreo to freedom. :P

that night was supposed to be a bare all night. not that we would get naked or something. ewww. much like what boy abunda does on his shows. well, that didn't happen. i don't know if enough tears had been shed already or just on the process of forgetting, letting go, moving on, or whatever you call that. but i just hope never on the letting go of the friendship we girls have. ;) aws. mushy me!

oh, for the tea. kate bought the tea which we numerously refilled with hot water. thanks to fame for doing this for us. :D

La Marea
The Walk, IT Park, Apas
Cebu City

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