Thursday, October 28, 2010

the banana leaf and the red mango

this wasn't really about a red mango placed on a banana leaf. i'm talking about the places i chose to pig out on a thursday. i just love eating nowadays. and the pounds that i'm gaining don't seem to sink in. maybe, one day when all my clothes will no longer fit... :-?

anyway, this was not even on a weekend. this all started when i was going out from our office pantry. suddenly the idea just popped out of my ever wonderful mind that i would treat my sister, erlene and breinn for dinner. it felt like something had hit me on my head. oh well, just why not today? i  had a couple of reasons to convince myself that it was just timely. first, i received my very first salary from my second job after a grueling wait for a month! second, i can't just say no to eating. ^^

and so here it goes... thanks to my sister for bringing my beloved canon ixy.

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf Spoon and Fork

tsk. i could have taken a better angle to include the actual banana leaf wherein i had the leaf as plate.

Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish & Chicken

got tired of same old plain rice and so, we decided to try this one. although, when it was  put on the table, we could smell the strong smell of the fish. anyone whose too particular with smell might lose his appetite. but the three of us were just hungry to even care. ^^

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Eggplant & Sweet Basil

it was smokin' hot! and we so love this! the eggplant didn't leave our tongues the itch. hmmm. yummy2! :D

Stuffed Chicken Wings with Sticky Rice

the appetizer that came too late. we were almost done devouring the curry, when they served this. -_- this didn't really please our palate. it was like "biko" stuffed in chicken wings.

overall, the place, the service, and the food were good! though my lemonade refill never did come. :-/ but i'm still looking forward to try the other dishes in their menu. ^^

G/L, The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu,
Cebu City
Tel: (032) 233-3321

Red Mango

Erlene in Red Mango

behold! the proliferation of yogurt chains. they are everywhere. and now, red mango invades cebu. courtesy of wiki, red mango actually originated from korea. cebu is definitely a good market considering the multitudes of koreans we have here.  no offense meant for koreans. ;) peace and lOve!

 My Green Tea Yogurt with Red Beans

it isn't like the yogurt available in our supermarkets here. for me, it isn't tart at all. mine is called asian invasion - with red berries, mochi, and i forgot the other one. hehe

Erlene's Original Yogurt with Blackberries

i forgot what this was called. my sister just loved it! she basically loves all variety of yogurt and she eats yogurt everyday, always, and forever... a certified yogurt addict! :P

breinn didn't have his yogurt share because he's a killjoy. :P 

3rd Level, Ayala Center Cebu
Adjacent to Ayala Cinema 1



  1. hahahaha! saba dira :P maglain akong tiyan oi. @_@

  2. kinsa ka? :P napud diay ka ron. haha lol