Friday, October 29, 2010

la marea's trifles and tea

this was an all girls night out while the boys were free to do whatever they like to do on a friday. just plain sweet. i bet all boys lOve this. anyway, this was freedom's idea for the 4 of us to go out. by the way, these are my college friends i'm talking about. dinner, chit chats, funny stories, lOve stories, confessions, heartaches, and anything that we had failed to talk about when we bumped into each other every now and then. yes, we all have busy lives. so, this was a catching up night!

we stayed away from i.t. park because "it's a place to be... !" on a friday. and for us who spend most of our lives here, we eagerly welcomed a change of place. we had dinner in handuraw in lahug. and oh! i forgot to take pictures there. T_T

so where did la marea come in? well, i suggested it. :D for i was planning to buy desserts for the girls. this was like a series of treating everyone with my very first salary. as if i'm really receiving huge payouts! argh! this only happens just once anyway. haha

La Marea

Fame, Kate, and Freedom

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the banana leaf and the red mango

this wasn't really about a red mango placed on a banana leaf. i'm talking about the places i chose to pig out on a thursday. i just love eating nowadays. and the pounds that i'm gaining don't seem to sink in. maybe, one day when all my clothes will no longer fit... :-?

anyway, this was not even on a weekend. this all started when i was going out from our office pantry. suddenly the idea just popped out of my ever wonderful mind that i would treat my sister, erlene and breinn for dinner. it felt like something had hit me on my head. oh well, just why not today? i  had a couple of reasons to convince myself that it was just timely. first, i received my very first salary from my second job after a grueling wait for a month! second, i can't just say no to eating. ^^

and so here it goes... thanks to my sister for bringing my beloved canon ixy.

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf Spoon and Fork

Friday, October 22, 2010

ramen overload in kagura

just got back from a very very long hiatus. a lot of things had happened in between. i had been to a lot of places. vigan! camotes! and anywhere else here in cebu. :D got real busy at work and i couldn't even find a bit of time to write about these places. -_- maybe someday, i'll be in the mood to recall everything and write something. hehe

and oh! did i say a "lot"? well, for one, i quit my very first job and moved to another company just a block away. :D for now, i'm not really busy with work and i just hope it wouldn't be as busy as before. ^^

well, fridays! most people just love fridays. i really can't decide if i'm into it or i just hover in between. it was running a little late and breinn and i were up for a real dinner treat. or was it just me? haha anyway, ayala is an epic fail because i found it a bore. sorry breinn. :P

just before i shut down my thinkpad, i came across kagura. weee! so kagura it was. ;) these are very crappy pics taken by my 2-megapixel camera phone with a battery that would die any minute. haha!

Kagura Chopsticks