Tuesday, June 1, 2010

panglao, bohol

we stayed here in panglao after our bohol day tour. panglao is a small island near to tagbilaran. so near that 2 bridges connect between them. panglao is famous for its beaches and there are a lot of resorts in the island, ranging from cheap ones to plush ones.

we stayed not in a beachfront resort but in a beach house a bit distant from the shore. aside from i could not find a decent and affordable accommodation in a beachfront resort at that time, the beach house i chose was a lot economical.

and oh, we stayed near alona, the famous stretch in panglao.

Tierra Azul Beach House

Tierra Azul Beach House

we stayed here for 2 nights. it was a decent accommodation although the room was cramped with beds. oh well, an "ok" accommodation for me is an air-conditioned room and a clean toilet on our own. though we were so disappointed on our last day since water had gone out early in the morning and we  had to leave for cebu without taking a bath. T_T

minus the water problem, it was generally a good stay and staff were courteous and attentive to our needs.

tierra azul is one good alternative for relatively expensive rooms near the beach.  anyway, you only have to do a little walk to reach the shore and  just follow that path in the picture and voila! sand, sand, sand...

Tierra Azul Restaurant

a sneak peek of the beach can be seen from here but without these roofs, it could have been a better view. tsk.

Tierra Azul Breakfast

for our last day. this came with coffee. the first was also a silog (fried rice, egg, and pinoy chorizo).

Tierra Azul Beach House
Php1500 - Room for 2 (with breakfast)
Php350 per extra person

i was given a discount by the owner, whom i contacted thru email. she just gave me Php2250/night (good for 5) since she lowered down the extra person charge from Php350 to Php250.

upon check-out, it so happened that the receptionist did not know about the discounted rate, but i still insisted, anyway. good thing in the end, i still got the original rate.

Alona Beach

it's a long stretch of white sands. the usual jump off point for island hopping, diving, and the like.

Alona Beach

there are a lot of resorts lined up along this coast. there are a lot of boats docked near the shore, as you can see in the picture. sometimes, it can be so many that the beach loses its beauty. -_-

Dog in Alona

i loved this dog but i just hope its poop is not just anywhere, like buried in the sand?

Over-priced Halo-halo in Alona

over-priced. ice like stones. not so yummy. but! it was still so good on a very hot day and  especially if left with no other choice.

The Sands

i love this part of alona. less crowded. beautiful sands. a cleaner shoreline as compared to the other parts in alona. alona has still a lot to improve especially in its cleanliness. i must say that boracay is cleaner than alona. it wouldn't be a good swim in alona during a low tide. seaweeds are everywhere. =(

Sunset in Alona

it was a beautiful sunset. laid on the sand and just freed my mind from anything else. ^^ i can't get that easily back in the real world...

more bohol pics here.

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