Monday, June 14, 2010

hilongos, leyte

it really doesn't happen all the time that i get to go to places in short intervals. my family just got back from bohol but i was still enticed by my mother since she told me that the boat fare is just around Php180. oh well, hilongos it is.

we left cebu at 10pm, friday night. after getting through the people-packed, ventilation-deprived, and forever renovation of pier 3, we went on board to mv beautiful star, roble shipping. the boat was not definitely beautiful for the aircon was busted in their tourist accommodation. after some time, the crew told us that they had already fixed the airconditioning but we had no idea what was their gauge for a fixed aircon since we still had to sleep in discomfort, in sweat, and gasping for air, while we tried to get some sleep. anyway, i still had to thank the ship's crew for we safely docked in hilongos port at around 2am.

TIP! when having a trip overnight by boat, better if you take an economy, at least you would not worry if the aircon fails in the tourist accommodation.


Immaculate Conception Parish

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

panglao, bohol

we stayed here in panglao after our bohol day tour. panglao is a small island near to tagbilaran. so near that 2 bridges connect between them. panglao is famous for its beaches and there are a lot of resorts in the island, ranging from cheap ones to plush ones.

we stayed not in a beachfront resort but in a beach house a bit distant from the shore. aside from i could not find a decent and affordable accommodation in a beachfront resort at that time, the beach house i chose was a lot economical.

and oh, we stayed near alona, the famous stretch in panglao.

Tierra Azul Beach House

Tierra Azul Beach House