Tuesday, May 4, 2010

7 in costabella, mactan

5-3-2010. just went through with one of our endless fights. i never did think what we would do this day. one of those times when i simply didn't care. anyway, like we always do, we were able to patch things up before this day came.

so this wasn't even planned. it was some random idea i thought of. good thing, this day was another holiday because labor day (5-1) fell on a saturday and in short notice, malacanang declared monday as holiday. wonderful.

we went home late the day before. well, technically it was already on 5-3 because it was way past dawn when i got home. we went for videoke with my friends since my friend who is based in manila was in town.

groggily, i suggested we went to costabella just for a day use and perhaps he was into the idea or he was just left with no choice, he agreed.

well, it turned out real fun somehow.

Costabella's Beach

not so many people were there on that day. mostly were foreigners and their filipina sweeties. the sun was as always, unforgiving. don't know if the white sands are really from there or they got it from somewhere. it's a nice beach anyway, considering it's only a 45-minute taxi ride from cebu city.

Costabella's Pool

we didn't go for the sea. it was for the foreigners who don't get enough sun back their home and we didn't go for this pool either. one part is for kids and the other part is too deep for our comfort. aside from we couldn't escape the sun in this area, we also couldn't imagine swimming with the kids in knee-deep watera. so, we decided to use the other pool. it was under the shade of the palm trees and costabella's hotel building. perfect. the slide in the picture goes to that pool we adored.

but before we hit the pool. first things first, food! this was on their La Marina Restaurant and Patio

Yummy Grilled Fish

Yummy Pork Chop

A Forgettable Toron and Ube Ice Cream for Dessert 

the food was really good except for the toron. we could barely taste the banana. :/ and they only got water (i hope it was not tap water.) included in their meals. but even that, it was still worth the price. staff in costabella were very nice. super thanks to them. =)

costabella's day use. Php595/adult. forgot the rate for kids.
their day use already includes one meal.


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