Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our Transport Across Europe Part I

Two weeks of scratching Western Europe's surface still takes a great deal of planning although the internet makes it a lot easier these days. Enter your keyword search and it then becomes a buffet. Well, I don't mean the food but the extensive information you'd likely get after. It will be mental gluttony.

Although for the fun of it, I don't mind the idea of scouring books in the library and actually phoning accommodation. Uhm, on second thought, I'd rather not. I may be just a little heady at this moment. And I couldn't imagine racking up my phone bill!

Estació de França in Barcelona, Spain 

Well anyway, in my first post about my Euro trip last fall, I listed down the countries that my cousin and I had come up, while letting go of those far-off places that we wished we could squeeze. For truth be told, we are only humans with no superpowers, a limited time frame and most importantly, a frugal budget.

Even if we had earnestly narrowed down into a list of 6 countries for a trip of 2 weeks, it was still a major part of the plan on how we could exactly get from one country to another. Where to book? What's the cheapest and convenient way? And so on.

Six countries can be too many for others but we were also working on the possibility that we might no longer have a chance to do this all over again. Aside from the fact, that we worked our asses off to make this happen. Any worker ant out there as well?

But let's get down to business, shall we? This does not however, include our flight that got us to Paris from Singapore.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ho Chi Minh's War Remnants Museum

All throughout that July afternoon, we were getting away from the rain like sodden wayward birds. On one occasion, we cozied into an already crowded coffee shop as we waited for the torrential rains to abate. When we deemed the rain to be only just a drizzle, we decided to head out again, only to be caught up with the strong showers a minute into our hopeful presumption.

That time, we only had the wee roof of a bus stop as our shelter.

As we huddled under it along with some locals who had similar fate with us, something briefly went inside my mind. What if we randomly took a bus that would lead us to God-knows-where? I doubted Breinn would be elated with such an idea though. So, I promptly dropped the thought before I could suggest it to him. I then told him that the War Remnants Museum was only halfway around the block, making us to quickly decide to proceed. We ended up scurrying the rest of the way towards the museum as I caught a glimpse of an approaching local bus. I might have let go of a sigh.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ho Chi Minh's Central Post Office

After Baguio, I again found myself getting caught up with rain showers in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Roughly two months after. The rain must be persistent in trying to test my will. But I could only respond with giddiness and spontaneous glee as I ran around under the rain, with my hand nestled in somebody else's.

The only concern that surfaced was for the circumstantial things we had, namely my camera and our phones. Otherwise, we could have easily soaked up the rain, both literally and figuratively.

But I may be the only one who's truthfully up for it, I suppose. So when the threat of rain was a matter to be reckoned, Breinn and I dashed towards the Central Post Office, joining the crowd that's already gathering there.